Officially debuting Plug and Serve 2.00

Are you looking for an easy casework solution for your business without the headaches? We have what you are looking for. Check out Plug and Serve 2.0.

The Advantages to Plug and Serve 2.0
1. Increase life expectancy. Wood doesn’t touch floor.
2. Clean ability – access to clean under stand.
3. Flexibility of install for all trades.
4. Exceeds health codes – inspectors love it.

Need to see to believe it? Check it out below!

Adam Fanger

Adam Fanger

Adam Fanger is the VP of Sales and Service for Vivian Company. Adam oversees the service department, while actively pursuing new business, and maintaining existing business. With 10 years of experience at Vivian Company, Adam has become the resident water filter program expert for Vivian and many of their nationwide chains.

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