13,200-ft Addition Built to Address 60% Sales Increase0

Fenton, MO – Vivian Company, fabricator, designer, and supplier of food service equipment and fixtures, added 13,200 square-feet to its Fenton warehouse. The company, founded in 1923, experienced a 60% increase in sales through the previous 8 quarters. Inspired by its steady growth, Vivian was also able to add several new positions.
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Vivian Company’s New Website Will Lead Future Business Growth3

Today is a big day. Today is the day we post our first blog for the new website.

The blog isn’t necessarily the big deal, but what it represents is a big deal. This blog post represents the future for Vivian Company. A future with a new and modern website that will be maintained weekly, via blog, Twitter, and updated content and pictures. A future that utilizes the internet age and all of its positive assets to a company. But most importantly, a future filled with hard work, creativity, and an emphasis on quality.
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