Convenience Stores

Vivian Supplies Convenience Stores “from the walls, in”.

Do you need a POS counter, Hot Dog Food Island, Coffee and Donut bar, or Soda Wall?  We Manufacture Wood or Metal Cabinets to fit your space and needs.  We can provide drawings, options, and suggestions based on your Company Philosophy, and our extensive knowledge and experience in the Convenience Store market.  We can break down the difference in Wood and Metal, Laminate and Solid Surface so that you can make the right decision for your company.

We provide shelving systems and merchandisers.  How do you want to lay out your shelving?  What are you looking to promote?  Countertop Display?  Point of Purchase Rack?  Cigarette Racks?  We work with our Manufacturer’s to find the best solution for your vision.

We supply Ice, Beverage, Refrigeration, Hot Dog Grill’s, and many other Miscellaneous Items for Convenience Stores.  Looking to expand your food offering?  Talk to us about our Open Air Refrigeration cases.  We can remodel your store to accommodate a new offering of Food Service.  Confused about which Icemaker to use with which Fountain unit?  We specialize in matching the best Fountain Soda system with the best Ice.  Do you want Chewy Ice, Cubed, Cresant, Full Dice, Half Dice, it can be overwhelming.  Cornelius, Lancer, Servend, Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Follett, Crown Tonka, Everest, True are some of the many brands that you need to understand when making your decisions.  That is where we come in.  Tell us what your goal is, and we will suggest the best equipment for your application.

Vivian is a creative company.  Do you have an idea that is “outside-the-box”?  “Weird ideas” are our normal!  We can take your ideas and bring them to life.  The convenience store market has a lot of room to grow, from technology, offerings, equipment, the sky is the limit.  Let us make your C-Store dream a reality.

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