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Vivian is your one stop shop for Restaurant and Bar Walk In Refrigeration, Reach In Refrigeration, Beer Systems, Filter and Preventative Maintenance Service Programs, Ice and Beverage Machines, Bar Fixtures, and Kitchen Equipment.

We specialize in all types of Refrigeration. Concerned about space? We have all different sizes, shapes, manufacturers, and styles of Equipment. From Everest to True, we have your covered. Concerned about Energy? Want to be a GREEN company? Install our Endocube and reduce cycles by up to 70%, and reduce run time 10 – 40%. Payback in less than a year!

Do you need a display keg cooler? Ask about our Crown Tonka Walk In’s. We can install windows to allow your customers to SEE INTO the cooler. All shapes and sizes available.

Do you have a unique icemaker application? No space? High volume? Ask about our Follett brand REMOTE FILL icemaker! That’s right, you can install this icemaker up to 75’ from your ice bin. Nugget, cubed, cresant ice? Air, water, remote cooled? You name it, we have your solution.

Who takes care of your water filtration? You need a plan. Water is the most important ingredient to your food and drinks. You need to filter your water, and you need to change your filters. We have the most extensive filter and preventative maintenance program in the industry, not to mention the most cost effective by a long shot. Keep your equipment clean, your water clean, and you will keep those energy bills down, and your customers satisfied with 100% filtered water going into their food and drink.

You need a beer system for your bar, but where do you start? Call us. We will do a site survey, take measurements, and ask all of the right questions to get your on the right path. There are lots of options, we have the answers.

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