Vivian Company Designs, Consults, Manufactures, Maintains, Services, and Installs your Concession Stand.

We manufacture Metal or Wood Cabinets for your Stand.  Our Plug ‘N Serve All Modular Concession Stand has revolutionized the industry.  Many have tried to copy it, but none have succeeded!  Ask us for your options and check out some of our recent work.

We supply equipment for your concession stand.  From Refrigeration, Ice, Soda, Poppers, Warmers, we have it all!  Walk In Refrigeration and Freezers, Reach In Refrigeration and Freezers, solid door, glass door, any size or shape.  We have an extensive line of Ice and Soda Dispensers that will accommodate your needs.  From regular countertop dispensers, drop in, remote fill, we are the experts.  Do you want chewy ice or cubed?  Long Draw, High Volume Fountain or Cold Plate Drop in?  Do you have a space issue?  We have an ice maker that will fill your Ice Bin from a Remote location!  And we will Filter all of your consumed water to guarantee the best drink, and longest possible life out of your equipment.

We also install your concession stand, perform Preventative Maintenance, Service, and Warranty work.  You need to maintain the Stand to prolong the life and provide your customers with the best possible product and experience.  Our Service Programs are totally customizable to each customers needs, and our service and pricing cannot be beat.

Do you need a Remodel?  We can work with your existing stand to salvage any good equipment, replace the old, and update the Cabinetry.  Do you want to add a Self Serve Butter Station, Self Serve Drinks, or Self Serve Candy?  Vivian has been on the front edge of the Self Serve Theatre options for the past 10 years, and we have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to help lead you to the best solution for you and your customers, to make your Stand more profitable!

If you need help with the design side, our team will help you lay out your concession stand and can provide drawings, with consideration given to flow, POS, space, and equipment needs.  We will consult with you to lay out a stand that will best fit YOUR needs.

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