Vivian Company offers a variety of products from food service equipment, casework/cabinets, refrigeration, ice and beverage dispensers, water filtration, and merchandisers just to name a few.

Beverage Dispensing Systems

Fountain soda is a huge part of your business.  You need to make sure you have the right dispenser, ice machine, and water filtration to go with it.  High volume, ...

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Custom Casework & Cabinetry

Vivian is your one stop shop for custom casework and cabinets for your business. Our cabinets are manufactured from all types of materials, including metal, wood, laminate and solid surface. We ...

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Draft Beer Systems

Need Draft Beer for your restaurant, bar, stadium? How about your home? You have come to the right place. Beer towers, drain tray’s, glycol systems, regulators, couplers, faucet and shanks, tubing ...

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Nearly 20% of the worlds energy is consumed by refrigeration equipment. Endocube is a revolutionary breakthrough for commercial refrigeration that lowers the air temperature in your refrigeration system due to ...

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Ice Equipment

In 1923, Vivian Company emerged to supply ice supplies and equipment for the ice making industry. Ice picks, tongs, cutters, ice totes, canvas bags, you name it – we had ...

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Merchandisers & Shelving Systems

Vivian Company has an extensive line of merchandisers and shelving systems available. Are you searching for custom shelving systems or merchandisers to display your products? It can be overwhelming, and a lot ...

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Custom Freestanding Candy Display Units

As self-serve candy has become the norm across the movie theatre industry, more and more customers are coming to Vivian Company for custom merchandising solutions.  Industry leaders such as AMC ...

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Reach-In Refrigeration

Vivian Company has an extensive line of reach-in refrigeration.  How much space do you have?  How many doors do you need?  Solid or glass door?  Swing or slide door? Vivian Company ...

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Walk-In Refrigeration

Vivian Company offers almost unlimited options for walk-in coolers and freezers. Do you need display doors?  What temperature do you want to store your product?  Do you need merchandising or storage ...

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Water Filter Systems

Filter your water!  Today’s consumer recognizes clean water, and wants a clean beverage.  Vivian will help you determine the size you need, install and maintain your program to ensure you ...

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