Water Filter Systems

Filter your water!  Today’s consumer recognizes clean water, and wants a clean beverage.  Vivian will help you determine the size you need, install and maintain your program to ensure you serve a perfect drink to every customer.

FXI-22 Filter

Vivian Company offers a full line of water filtration products to fit your needs, from ice, soda fountain, coffee, tea, espresso, steamers, softeners, boosters, or even residential usage.  We specialize in, but are not limited to food service applications, from theatre, to restaurant, to convenience store.

Not only will water filtration make your water taste perfect, but it will lower service cost on equipment and energy bills, as your equipment will run more efficiently when it is clean! If your water source is terrible, we have blended water systems, utilizing reverse osmosis that will do the trick.

Confused?  Never fear, contact us today and we will help you reach your water filtration goals!

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Water Filter Systems

  • Available for soda, ice, coffee, steamers, retrofit, and more!
  • We have water filter systems available for any application.
  • We can also adapt to any other system.

QT Filter System

FX22 Filter System

Reverse Osmosis Systems

100% Filtered Water
  • Any application.
  • We have reverse osmosis systems of various sizes and capacities.
  • We will suggest a system to meet your needs.

Special Application Cartridges

  • Softners
  • Scale
  • KDF conditioning

Auto-Ship/Auto Install Programs

  • These are programs where your water filter cartridges show up at a pre-determined interval for changing.

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