Walk-In Refrigeration

Vivian Company offers almost unlimited options for walk-in coolers and freezers.

Do you need display doors?  What temperature do you want to store your product?  Do you need merchandising or storage shelving?  Indoor or Outdoor unit?  Contact us NOW for pricing.

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Storage Coolers & Freezers

  • Any size indoor or outdoor
  • Storage – Storage coolers and freezers can be any size used indoors or outdoors.
  • Quick ships, step-ins, PRS Series

Display Coolers & Freezers

  • Any size or number of doors
  • Display – We have supplied many display boxes for convenience stores, liquor stores, etc.
  • We build to match your store layout.

Refrigeration Systems (Condenser or Evaporator)

  • We have our factory engineers figure the exact equipment you will need for your application.

Display Doors & Strip Curtains

  • Multiple choices to suite any clients needs.
  • Display Doors – Our display doors come with or without lighting and shelving. Various trim color selections available. Strip curtains – can be used on man-doors, fork lift doors, or to separate various box compartments.
  • Shelving – We have all kinds of display and storage shelving that can be used inside or outside the walk-in.

Refrigerated Warehouses

  • The larger the area, the better.
  • Refrigerated Warehouses – We have done huge cold storage and food distribution projects.

Scientific/Environmental Chambers

  • You tell us your needs.
  • Scientific – We have done many environmental boxes for pharmaceutical, laboratory, and mortuary applications.

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