Vivian Company distributes bonuses to employees thanks to new tax reform
Due to new tax reform laws, Vivian employees are benefitting in a multitude of ways

Saint Louis, MO – February 5, 2018: St. Louis-based Vivian Company, has joined the growing number of U.S. companies to give their employees tax reform bonuses.

President Dennis Fanger announced Friday afternoon that all 20 full-time employees are to be each given $1000 cash bonuses. “Our employees have worked very hard over the past year to deserve this bonus. Because the government is getting behind our business, we want to share the benefits. We are very excited to be capable of rewarding this bonus. Additionally, this tax reform is also allowing us to invest in our business space to suit our growing company and employees. We are building an additional bathroom and shower, a new meeting space, and a utility room with an ice machine for employee usage.” says Vice-President Adam Fanger.

This is all possible due to the $1.5 trillion corporate tax reform law signed by President Donald Trump. As a result of this new measure, the federal corporate tax rate reduces from 35 percent to 21 percent.

About Vivian Company: Founded in 1923, Vivian Company is a nationwide supplier of food service equipment and fixtures, as well as services, for restaurants, theatres, convenience stores, and more.

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