Industries We Have Worked With

We may have earned our reputation with movie theatres, but our capabilities go far beyond the popcorn counter. We understand the inner workings of many industries and can tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

With an outstanding reputation spanning across a multitude of industry fields, we know how to make any vision become a reality.

Theatres + Family Entertainment Centers

Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Countertop Fabrication / Food Service Equipment/ Walk-In Refrigeration / Reach-In Refrigeration  / Beverage + Ice Machines / Bar Fixtures /  Popcorn Poppers / Self-Serve Theatre Options / Water Filtration / + More

Vivian Company is widely known name in the movie theater and family entertainment industry. We are experienced veterans who have worked with some of the largest brands nationwide.

We can design, manufacture and install concession stands from top to bottom. We also supply all equipment necessary to elevate a customer’s experience. From refrigeration to ice, soda, popcorn poppers and warmers, we have it all! 

We even go beyond by providing preventative lifetime maintenance, service, and warranty work. 

Bars + Restaurants

Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Food Service Equipment/ Walk-In Refrigeration / Reach-In Refrigeration  / Beverage + Ice Machines / Beer Tap Systems / Bar Fixtures /  Commercial Kitchen Equipment / Water Filtration / + More

At Vivian, we stay up to date with the ever-changing food service trends. As a result,  we are experts at fabricating attractive and functional casework that maximizes one’s space and profit.

Additionally, we can equip your bar or restaurant kitchen with any equipment it needs run successfully. 

Convenience Stores

Custom Casework +  Cabinetry  / Custom Shelving Systems + Merchandisers / Self-Service Displays + Kiosks / Refrigeration  / Beverage + Ice Machines / Water Filtration / Cash Wrap Areas / POS Counter / Fountain Soda + Beverage Systems/ Ice Machines / Food Warmers / Hot Dog Grill Equipment / + More

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the convenience store market, we can turn your vision into a complete reality. 

We provide a variety of applications for your everything you need to construct a convenience store from the walls in. 

Grocery Stores

Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Countertop Fabrication / Custom Shelving Systems + Merchandisers / Self-Service Displays + Kiosks / Vignettes / Endocube Refrigeration TechnologyWater Filtration / Cash Wrap Areas / POS Counter  / + More

Since 1916, grocery stores have existed to provide food, beverages, and household goods for customers. Vivian carries a variety of merchandising options that will keep that customers coming back for more every time. We are well-versed in creating displays that are not only attractive but also utilizes a space efficiently.

Additionally, if you are looking for ways to save money on refrigeration energy for your store, consider our Endocube technology to pair with your equipment.


Custom Casework +  Cabinetry  / Custom Shelving Systems + Merchandisers / Self-Service Displays + Kiosks / Vignettes / Cash Wrap Areas / POS Stations / Endcaps / Kiosks / Vignettes  / + More

Appearance is everything. We understand that it is essential to choose a proper retail display to maximize product exposure to a customer. Vivian has a variety of solutions that are not only attractive, but effective in increasing overall product sales.

Moreover, we also provide various options for a functional POS stations that will successfully and seamlessly complete transactions.



Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Custom Shelving Systems / Medical Fixtures  / Bathroom Fixtures / Protective Barriers / + More

From dental offices to hospitals, we can provide durable casework and fixtures for any medical setting. 

We are proud to feature our Tapmaster No Touch Handsink as a solution to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. 

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Sports Stadiums + Arenas

Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Concession Stand Equipment / Food Service Equipment  / Food Warmers/ Bar + Liquor Shelving Custom Fixtures /+ More

Stadium + arena foodservice continues to elevate year after year. With concession sales generating the most revenue aside from ticket sales itself, Vivian is well-versed in constructing a concession area for maximized monetary potential.

Vivian can manufacture and install concessions casework to meet any specific needs. Additionally, we can provide custom fixtures, equipment, preventative maintenance and water filter programs.


Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Reception Area Casework / Cash Wrap Areas /  POS Stations / Lockers / Retail Display Fixtures  /+ More

The fitness industry is booming now more than ever. With our fingers on the pulse of the latest trends, our team excels at designing and fabricating a variety of solutions for a new or existing gym.

From POS stations to reception desks to lockers and other fixtures, Vivian has everything you need to furnish a fitness center or gym for success.


Custom Casework +  Cabinetry / Concierge Desk Casework / Café + Bar Equipment / Spa Area Casework / Bathroom Fixtures    / + More 

We are no strangers to working in the hospitality industry, particularly with hotels. We understand the importance of first impressions and functionality. Our team is able to design, manufacture and install interior work that enhances a hotel guest’s experience.

Our team is able to fabricate casework for concierge areas, café/bars, spas, bathrooms and beyond.

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