Maintenance + Service

We provide service programs for smooth operations +  peace of mind.

With  a nationwide network of service providers and service coordinators, Vivian is available 24/7/365 just a click or call away to assist with your business needs.

Reactive Service

We have a Nationwide Network of Service Providers who are certified to work on your Food Service Equipment, Ice/Beverage/Refrigeration/Hot Food/Water Filtration/and many other Miscellaneous Equipment Serviced of All Brands.  If we aren’t trained on your equipment, we will seek out training and get you fixed.  Our “In House” Service Coordinators will communicate with you from start to completion.

Preventative Maintenence

We have technicians on the road every day of the week changing water filters, fixing soda machines, descaling ice machines and beverage equipment, greasing/PM hot dog roller grills, flushing drain lines, and many other miscellanies tasks.  Our programs are very cost effective and customized to your individual needs



Do you need to install a new line beverage or ice equipment at your locations?  Vivian specializes in Beverage/Ice installation.  We can work directly with the end user or with a GC/Project Management company to ensure your remodel’s go smoothly.




Without Vivian’s cleaning + maintenance service, residue buildup occurs compromising drink quality of fountain sodas.
Ice Drop Chute Before PM
Ice Drop Chute After PM


By enlisting the help of Vivian to implement proper cleaning protocols, your customers receive the best beverage experience possible.

Installations + Roll-Outs

Vivian also provides installation + rollout programs throughout the United States.  It doesn’t matter if it is coffee, soda or ice machine equipment, we can satisfy your needs.  We can handle the stress of planning, scheduling and coordination of each install so it runs smoothly for you.

Does your equipment need service? Dispatch one of our friendly technicians immediately.