Why Should You Filter Your Water?

Changing your water filters on a scheduled cycle is imperative. Filters expire and are not helping once the media runs out. Water may still run through the filter, but the water is no longer being treated once the filter is exhausted.


It enhance beverage appearance and taste.

Adds Life

It adds many more years to equipment life.


It greatly increases equipment operation efficiency by reducing service needs.


It increase overall beverage sales and profit.

Our Water Filtration Services


Vivian maintains a record of what filters you have at each location, and when filters are due to be changed. We ship the filters to location, and either the facility manager, or store/location manager changes the filter. All you need to know is that you must change the filter when it shows up! Vivian to supply instructions and contact information for those who have questions.


Similar to Auto-Ship except we change the filters for you. Auto-Ship works for some companies, but others would like the filters changed automatically. With auto install Vivian Company deliver and install your filters automatically to ensure that the filters get changed consistently. This option guarantees your filters are changed on time by a certified technician, protecting your water-using equipment to guarantee a safe, quality beverage and food experience for your customers.

Auto-Install with PM (Preventative Maintenance)

This option is identical to auto install, but also has a preventative maintenance program included. We customize the program around your equipment and company needs.


Do you need to install a new line beverage or ice equipment at your locations? Vivian specializes in Beverage/Ice installation. We can work directly with the end user or with a GC/Project Management company to ensure your remodel’s go smoothly.

Got Extreme Water? Try Reverse Osmosis

Vivian Blended Water Treatment System utilizes Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove >97% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from water. Then, a balance of minerals is dissolved into the RO water, followed by a precision blend valve for further TDS adjustment, to provide desirable optimized water TDS. The system is pump-driven and will produce up to 1500-gallons per day of optimal quality water for applications where TDS reduction or the removal of the majority of hardness minerals is required. This complete system includes integrated pre-filtration with particulate and chlorine reduction, reverse osmosis, blend valve, and mineral addition, in a space-saving, wall-mounted design. Adjustable reject flow control allows precise adjustment of product/reject ratio. A built-in full system bypass valve and sample port assures no service interruption and simplifies routine maintenance. Also included is a 50-gallon atmospheric storage tank with a top-mounted variable-flow repressurization system and a sub-micron air breather. Hose, tubing, and fittings required for installation are included.

Does your equipment need service? Dispatch one of our friendly technicians immediately.