Scott O'Dowd

Shipping/Receiving Associate

Scott O’ Dowd works as a shipping and receiving associate at Vivian Company, primarily loading trucks with custom casework to fit safely and securely for each shipment.  Additionally, he handles purchasing stock items and supplies, as well as checking in and tracking products coming in and out of the warehouse. 

Scott has been a part of the company since 2016. Prior to working for Vivian, he worked at Walgreens for 10 years as a a retail manager serving the public.  The one component that he appreciates about his  relationship the movie industry. 

When not at Vivian, he enjoys outdoors by going camping, hiking and visiting the many parks of Missouri.  He explains being outdoors helps him unwind and get exercise by using nature’s  surroundings as his gym. Also, he enjoys watching the latest superhero movie release and appreciating fresh cooked popcorn!

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