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13,200-ft Addition Built to Address 60% Sales Increase

Fenton, MO – Vivian Company, fabricator, designer, and supplier of food service equipment and fixtures, added 13,200 square-feet to its Fenton warehouse. The company, founded in 1923, experienced a 60% increase in sales through the previous 8 quarters. Inspired by its steady growth, Vivian was also able to add several new positions.

Steady and consecutive sales prompted the $800,000 investment and 13,200 square-foot expansion. “For a short time, we rented additional warehouse space to accommodate the needs of customers,” remembers David Von Gruben. “The new expansion eliminates the need for ‘temporary’ solutions. We’re now fully-equipped to meet increased demands from new and existing clients.”

“The expansion itself did not usher new jobs,” explains Dennis Fanger. “However, our growth did necessitate new hires along with the expanded location. Moreover, we provided 60% additional parking space for employees, and introduced load-leveling docks for smoother delivery and handling.”

The growth and expansion inspires high hopes for the management team. “We’re now more efficient,” observes William Caruso. “We serve clients better with the expansion via better consolidation, quicker response, and accelerated customer service.” The Vivian Company facility also installed new internal sprinkler systems for increased safety throughout the facility.

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