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We Are Adding Brawn to Our Rising Sales

A commitment to health and wellness is now a part of our company culture. In the recent weeks Vivian Company provided their employees with a new gym in their St. Louis office.

The 750 square-foot room could be described as ‘over doing it,’ considering the size of the facility and that of the staff, yet Vivian’s executives are committed to improving the business as well as those who ensure its success.

“Good fitness is vital to a long life and feeling great throughout the workday and beyond.”

“Good fitness is vital to a long life and feeling great throughout the workday and beyond,” stated Dennis Fanger, president of Vivian Company.  “Studies find fitness and proper diet equal good health and better production.  Additionally, if you look and feel good, you’ll have better self esteem and act positive toward those around you.”

In addition to the new facility, the executives promise to pay for a personal trainer and nutrition specialist to meet with employees.  Individual assessments include a specific program and associated goals.  The trainer, arriving at the facility at 7 am, runs a one-hour group session in addition to complete body workout regimens, targeting the body’s upper, lower, and core muscles.


Presently, a handful of employees attend each session and as many as 11 workers could show for morning routines.  Additionally, the trainer has added an extra day for those who desire more personalized attention.

In addition to on-site assessment and regimen, trainers and digital resources monitor employee eating habits and nutritional information, another benefit associated to a healthier and more productive work environment and brand.

“The employee response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“The employee response has been overwhelmingly positive,” admits David Von Gruben.  “In fact, I believe the employees encourage and push one another to do better.”  In addition to words of wisdom from the trainer and sentiments of encouragement from cohorts, the group leverages Pandora, the AC/DC channel specifically, to stay pumped and motivated.

Nothing good comes easy.  And, the executives and employees of Vivian Company are making positive strides as a business as well as healthy individuals comprising a team.

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