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How Self-Service in Movie Theaters Leads to Increased Customer Spending

Initially, it was thought that crew service is necessary for people coming to a movie theater to meet the increasing costs that are paid by the cinema owners. Crew service meant that the cinema owners are trying to compensate the high cost of each product by giving an advantage to the cinema visitor.

When conventional means like vending machines and candy bars came, it became impossible not to accommodate them in the cinema. It was thought that such a step will cause the sales of cinema products to go down but it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

The believed notion was that people will refrain from buying any food or other items from the cinema because of the extra effort now they have to put to get access to them. But it was noticed that people cannot avoid buying when things are placed within their reach.

What Are the Keys to Success

Well, the key to making people tempt towards any product is to place them nearby where they are visible to them all the time and provide ease of access. If a vending machine is at the end of your row, all you have to do is get up, get the drink and come back to your seat. No part of the movie will be missed during all this.

Another trick is to place the units in front of people who will be more tempted towards it like placing the candy machines in front of children. If the children know that the sweet and delicious candy is just a single glass layer away from them, there is no way that they can be stopped from having it. During the movie, parents also want their children to have fun and not to disturb them again and again so they let them have everything they want so that they can also enjoy their movie experience.

Even with the soda machines it is very much possible to save on the costs. Most of the people like their drink to extremely chilled which means that they fill it with lots of ice cubes. This leaves little room for the soda thus causing the movie theater to save on the cost of syrup.

The Importance of Placement

If the people run out of chips, popcorn, or any other snacks, they now feel more comfortable in getting more of it because they can easily get it now. The cinemas place them as near as possible to the customers and by keeping them within the range of the customers vision, they are sure that their sales are going to hike.

Though a small chance of theft is inevitable but it holds not much importance as compared to the increased sales. It is better to get the units from reputed companies like Vivian which come with locks and covers for most of their units.

It is advisable to keep the security of the unit’s utmost priority by taking ample measures because avoiding them means you are saying no to a hefty amount of money that can easily land into your bank account.

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