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Project Spotlight – MotoMart’s “Made to Order” Concept

Vivian Company recently received an exciting opportunity to partner with MotoMart on their home office. We were sent drawings for a new “Made to Order” concept that was to be installed their corporate lunch room. The goal was to trial new food options in-house first, so that they can roll out fresh and healthier menu options for customers in future locations. This also allowed MotoMart to “kick the tires” on the layout and equipment.

Vivian was called on to provide custom casework, food service equipment and installation for this project. After producing shop drawings for MotoMart to review and approve, we began the production of custom casework, ranging from cabinetry to countertops. Additionally, we worked with various equipment manufacturers to supply specific equipment needed for this project. After all of components landed in our warehouse, we consolidated equipment and casework, and staged in delivery per MotoMart’s needs. Finally, we completed the installation of all.

After everything was set in place, our team provided their employees training to properly operate the various equipment (Franke, Taylor, and Turbochef, just to name a few).

Do you have a vision for the latest concept within your company? Contact Vivian today to make this vision a reality! We are experienced professionals in our industry specializing in casework and food service equipment with a 24/7 nationwide service networ

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