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Project Spotlight- QuikTrip

Vivian Company and QuikTrip, two great brands collaborating!

Currently, convenience store and gas retailer, QuikTrip, is rebuilding from the ground up its high volume store in Eureka, MO.  Eureka is home to extremely hard water and required a softener, so their team sought to remedy this problem as quickly as possible.

The presence of hard water can likely threaten the proper success of any business. It contains a high level of minerals including magnesium, calcium, and in some cases even iron. Though these minerals are harmless to ingest, it unfortunately wrecks havoc on plumbing systems over time. To save the headache of dealing with this potential problem down the road, water softener systems are installed to counter this threat.

Due to the current state of the world, lead times on a multitude of equipment are extremely delayed. Luckily, as we are based in Fenton Missouri, only 10 minutes from Eureka, Vivian was able to save the day for QuikTrip.

After a several phone calls, drawing reviews, and water tests, Vivian was able to size, spec, deliver, AND install the water softener that was needed within 7 days of first communication! This concluded with quick execution and teamwork amongst our Vivian Service Coordinators, Warehouse Staff, General Contractor Ben F. Blanton, and the QT Super and Facilities Team.

Not only do we stock and install a variety of water softener systems to fit your business needs, but we also provide monthly maintenance through our Water Softener Salt Delivery program. Additionally, we offer a variety of water filtration services to provide your business with the cleanest water for optimum beverages and food production.

Do you want to avoid the headache of compromised plumbing due to hard water? Contact Vivian today so we can help! We are experienced professionals in our industry specializing in casework and food service equipment with a 24/7 nationwide service network.

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