In February 2021, convenience store chain Yesway approached Vivian Company to aid in rolling out their new “Bean 2 Cup” coffee program.  Using Schaerer brewing technology, these innovative machines offer freshly ground and brewed coffee on demand, both hot and cold.

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This is fundamentally different from other so-called bean-to-cup machines because it does not utilize fractional packaging or other substitutes. Instead, it features integrated grinders and is preprogrammed to brew consistently to a chosen flavor profile in one step every time.

After identifying 115 locations they desired for installation of these systems, Yesway contacted the Vivian team to provide the groundwork prior to machine installation and calibration. We constructed electric, plumbing and drain lines as well as shut off valves and water filtration systems for these machines. Our team of experienced service coordinators created a seamless schedule for our technicians to execute the work from start to finish.

As a result of this extremely successful installation/rollout last year, we were chosen to coordinate Yesway’s 2022 shipping logistics, storage, delivery, electrical/plumbing work, equipment installation and calibration of coffee brewing units. To further ensure a successful rollout, our technicians completed training with the manufacturer to receive install/calibration certification earlier this year. We are proud to announce that we will help complete an additional 52 Yesway locations by the end of April 2022.  

Bean2Cup Program Equipment

Our successful partnership with Yesway showcases Vivian Company’s capabilities in commercial interior remodeling.  We can provide plumbing, electric, flooring, carpentry, logistics, and rollouts that are consistent in multiple markets.  Paired with our superior expertise in food service equipment installation/maintenance and casework, we are able to offer many options for food service businesses nationwide.

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Soda With A Side Of Sludge?

There is nothing like sipping on a cold beer or a fizzy, iced and carbonated soda. In fact, these are the most popular beverages often ordered at restaurants and bars across the country. But, without proper cleaning and maintenance, consumers may be drinking their beverages with a side of sludge, mold, bacteria and even e. coli! Tap, soda foundation and ice equipment is an integral and sometimes the most used component in any food service restaurant or convenience store. Their supply and drain lines can grow bacteria and mold due to the constant flow or sugar and yeast. As a result, food borne illnesses such as diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness and pneumonia can develop in consumers if not maintained on a regular basis. By enlisting the help of Vivian Company, we can implement proper cleaning protocols at your business immediately. Your customers can receive the best beverage experience possible. And most importantly,  it will save you the headache of future equipment malfunctions with our maintenance prevention services. We have developed several commercial water filtration and preventative maintenance programs that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. By choosing to partner with us, you benefit in these ways:

  • 1.) ENHANCED: It enhances beverage appearance and taste.

  • 2.) LONGEVITY: It adds many more years to equipment life.

  • 3.) EFFICIENCY: It greatly increases equipment operation efficiency by reducing service needs.

  • 4.) PROFIT: It elevates overall beverage sales and profit.

  • 5.) CONSISTENCY: Your customers will know that your brand is trustworthy and will always deliver a perfect drink, every time.

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Project Spotlight- QuikTrip

Vivian Company and QuikTrip, two great brands collaborating!

Currently, convenience store and gas retailer, QuikTrip, is rebuilding from the ground up its high volume store in Eureka, MO.  Eureka is home to extremely hard water and required a softener, so their team sought to remedy this problem as quickly as possible.

The presence of hard water can likely threaten the proper success of any business. It contains a high level of minerals including magnesium, calcium, and in some cases even iron. Though these minerals are harmless to ingest, it unfortunately wrecks havoc on plumbing systems over time. To save the headache of dealing with this potential problem down the road, water softener systems are installed to counter this threat.

Due to the current state of the world, lead times on a multitude of equipment are extremely delayed. Luckily, as we are based in Fenton Missouri, only 10 minutes from Eureka, Vivian was able to save the day for QuikTrip.

After a several phone calls, drawing reviews, and water tests, Vivian was able to size, spec, deliver, AND install the water softener that was needed within 7 days of first communication! This concluded with quick execution and teamwork amongst our Vivian Service Coordinators, Warehouse Staff, General Contractor Ben F. Blanton, and the QT Super and Facilities Team.

Not only do we stock and install a variety of water softener systems to fit your business needs, but we also provide monthly maintenance through our Water Softener Salt Delivery program. Additionally, we offer a variety of water filtration services to provide your business with the cleanest water for optimum beverages and food production.

Do you want to avoid the headache of compromised plumbing due to hard water? Contact Vivian today so we can help! We are experienced professionals in our industry specializing in casework and food service equipment with a 24/7 nationwide service network.

Partner Spotlight – Ronnoco Coffee

Vivian Company is proud to be a partner to one of the Midwest’s most recognizable coffee suppliers, Ronnoco Coffee Company. Ronnoco's area of expertise range from roasting premium blend coffees to providing custom beverage solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  Together, the Ronnoco and Vivian team have worked seamlessly to provide hot cups of fresh coffee to many customers throughout the US.  In addition to servicing Ronnoco’s existing coffee equipment at several out of state locations, we have completed numerous new installations across the region recently. We are experts at installing and service brewing equipment in any commercial setting. We also supply specialized water filters that aid in the production of that perfect coffee, hot chocolate, and beverage every single time.

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Project Spotlight – MotoMart, Fairview Heights, IL

Fuel and convenience store powerhouse MotoMart continues to grow and reached out to Vivian Company to assist with the development of their new Fairview Heights, IL store. We were commissioned to provide food service equipment from top to bottom for this latest location.  Vivian provided a variety of equipment, along with beverage training on the Cornelius IDC Pro that would quickly give a customer what they needed.  Additionally, it included an extensive kitchen dubbed the Crave Counter to prepare a variety of quick-serve food products, both cold and hot. . Vivian will be on site at this, and all Motomart locations every 6 months to perform Preventative Maintenance on Ice Machines, Fountain Soda Machines, Water Filtration, and even Hot Dog Roller Grills! Because we have a complete warehouse with capabilities to fulfill any food service equipment need, we were able to efficiently deliver equipment requested in no time.  Additionally, we were able to quickly install the equipment after delivery to avoid any idling on the job site to reduce the opportunity for damage or loss. To read more about this great project, please visit our Projects page here.

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Reasons to Use Our Water Softener Salt Delivery + Service Program


We take care of the monthly logistics + delivery in making sure your salt is where you need it when you need it.


Let us do the hard work. We do the heavy lifting + refilling so that you don't have to lift a finger.


We will service ANY brand of water softener.

Additionally, we so maintenance/performance tests while on site to ensure efficiency.

Vivian provides your commercial business with Water Softener Salt Delivery + Service. As our water filter programs grew, we were asked by customers if we could also deliver salt for water softeners.  Viola!  The Vivian Commercial Water Softener Salt Delivery Program was born!

We will arrive at your business monthly to deliver the appropriate amount of salt for your water usage.  Vivian will service any brand of water softener.  We will also run maintenance and performance tests while on site to ensure efficiency.  Let us handle the heavy lifting while you worry about your everyday priorities.

Additionally, we are also a master distributor for Water Softeners.  We stock and sell Water Softeners out of our Warehouse in Fenton MO.


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